Titanic Redux: Bodies as Materials

5 people in a lifeboat in the lower right-hand corner, looking off into the distance towards the upper left-hand corner, where another, distant lifeboat appears as a thin line, and is marked with an X that's been drawn over the photo. The sea occupies the bulk of the photo and the horizon is visible only faintly at the very top.
The discovery of the last Titanic lifeboat one month after the disaster in 1912. (Source)

I’m very excited to have a new article on disaster and body recovery out in Social Studies of Science, with many thanks to the wonderful editors and peer reviewers.

The abstract and PDF (open access) are here.

I give an overview of the article and its broader context here.

The second link goes to the text of a twitter thread, that I unrolled so it can be read through. This is my second article about the Titanic, so I also talk a bit about why I keep writing about 1912 and why the Titanic is significant.