Selected Publications & Resources

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2016-17. Bier, J. Sociology of the Globe.* Third-year Bachelor course in critical theory. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Revised annually. Full Text

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Books & Special Issues

2017. Bier, J. Mapping Israel, Mapping Palestine: How Occupied Landscapes Shape Scientific Knowledge. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

2013. Harris, A., S. Wyatt, B. van Heur, and J. Bier. Participatory Knowledge Production 2.0, special issue of Information, Communication, and Society 16(2).

Public Publications

2018. Bier, J. “Aerial Photography without the Airplane” in Territory, Issue 7: Alternate Earths, February 19. Full Text

2018. Bier, J. “The Tech Bias: Why Silicon Valley Needs Social Theory” in Aeon, February 14. Full Text

2018. Bier, J. “The Simple Societies of Complex Models” in e-Flux Architecture, February 14. Full Text

2016. Bier, J. “Young Astronauts Club” in Nautilus magazine Spark of Science series. Full Text

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

2018. Bier, J. “Bodily Circulation and the Measure of a Life: Forensic Identification and Valuation after the Titanic Disaster” Social Studies of Science: 1-28. Abstract Full text

2017. Bier, J. “Palestinian State Maps and Imperial Technologies of Staying Put” Public Culture 29 (1 81): 53-78.  Abstract  Full text

2016. Bier, J. and W. Schinkel. “Building Better Ecological Machines: Complexity Theory and Alternative Economic Models” Engaging Science and Technology Studies 2: 266-293. Abstract  Full text

2016. Bier, J. “Pillaged Books and Plundered Maps: Pirates and the Boundaries of Language” Krisis 2: 1-19.  Full text

2013. Wyatt, S., J. Bier, A. Harris, and B. van Heur. “Participatory Knowledge Production 2.0: Critical views and experiences,” introduction to Participatory Knowledge Production 2.0, special issue of Information, Communication, and Society 16(2): 153-59.  Full text

2012. Pavlovskaya, M. and J. Bier. “Mapping Census Data for Difference: Towards the Heterogeneous Geographies of the Arab American Communities of the New York Metropolitan AreaGeoforum 43(3): 483-49.  Abstract  Full text

2010. Bier, J. “How Niqula Nasrallah Became John Jacob Astor: Syrian Emigrants aboard the Titanic and the Materiality of LanguageThe Journal of Linguistic Anthropology 18(2): 171-191.  Abstract  Full text

2009. Bier, J. “Self-De(con)structing VegasHuman Geography 2(2): 86-90.  Full text

2002. Sunehag, A.L., K. Louie, J. Bier, S. Tigas, and M. W. Haymond. “Hexoneogenesis in the Human Breast during LactationThe Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 87: 297-301.  Abstract  Full text

Book Chapters

2019. Bier, J. “Mapping the Archive for Arab American Women’s Labor in the New York Metropolitan Area” in Arab American Women, edited by Suad Joseph. Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, accepted for publication.  Full text

2017. Bier, J. “Quantification and Classification: The Politics of Counting and Sorting” in Wegwijs in STS: Knowing your Way in STS, edited by Harro van Lente, Tsjalling Swierstra, Sally Wyatt, and Ragna Zeiss. Maastricht : Maastricht University Science, Technology and Society Studies (MUSTS).

2015. Bier, J. “Images as Maps” in The History of Cartography, Volume Six: Cartography in the Twentieth Century, edited by Mark Monmonier, 804-5. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.  Full text

2009. Bier, J. “Subaltern Studies” in The Encyclopedia of Geography, edited by Barney Warf, 2711-2716. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.  Full text

Professional Reports

2011. Bier, J. “Geographic Information Science (GIS) Assessment: Analysis of Mapmaking Goals and Achievements”. Special report to the Barrier Monitoring Unit (BMU) of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), Ramallah, November 23. (Not publicly available.)