This blog is a collection of research updates, rough ideas, and harebrained schemes that I won’t have a chance to work through in the near future. I’ll publish some of these eventually if there’s time. My more polished work can be found via the “Publications” link in the menu at top right. Topics include:


critical social theory

power and geographic space

the politics of maps and boundaries

digital infrastructures

urban landscapes and gentrification

automated logistics

the history of shipping in the 20th century

the production of landscape

human-made islands and terrain

undersea mapping and bathymetry

race, gender, class, ancestry, and sexuality

colonialism and postcolonialism

the framing and composition of public debate

disaster recovery, especially body recovery

alternative imaginations of the globe

parks, zoos, camps, conventions, and world exhibitions

the social role of statistics and statistical models

financial crises and radical accounting

the visualization of outer space

theories of space and time

speculative fiction, science fiction and fantasy literature

utopia and dystopia